frequently asked questions about care homes
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Will my mom have access to a telephone?  
The house has three portable phones and a phone in the library with the handset connected to the base. We can bring the phone to her or bring her to the library. We also have Skype, a web camera that allows her to talk to someone while actually seeing them on the computer monitor. This is really helpful for out-of-town family.  

Do your residents get any exercise?
We have seated, gentle range of motion exercise twice a day. We also talk daily walks around the garden paths. We make a concerted effort to maintain or increase the mobility and flexibility of the residents. Exercise is a good pain reliever, mood enhancer, and promotes overall good health. 

What are a typical days meals?
The menu is a typical family menu that you would enjoy at your home.  Breakfast is served between 8:00AM – 8:30 and would be pancakes or French toast, sausage, an egg over easy, fruit, and beverages. Morning snack could be a fruit and yogurt parfait, a muffin, or a fruit cup at 10:30AM. Noon lunch might include a bowl of soup, a small salad or sandwich, a chef salad, a cookie, and beverages. A 3:00PM afternoon snack might be cake, cookies, crostinis with a sauce, veggie and dip, ice cream or jello.  Dinner is served at 5:30PM and could be Shrimp Newburg, lasagna, meatloaf, beef and broccoli, oven-roasted chicken, seared fish, with a variety of accompaniments of pasta, potatoes, rice, couscous, vegetables, salad, a roll and beverages.  Lastly, a 7:00PM snack might be crackers and cheese, cookies, yogurt with fruit, or ice cream. 

Can you handle difficult behaviors?  
We are a home that specializes in the care of persons with dementia and that includes difficult behaviors. Our staff receives an initial 24 hours of training and 4 days of on-the-job training within their first month of employment. We have monthly inservice trainings to keep certified and we hold monthly staff meetings. Our philosophy is that behaviors are the resident trying to tell us something and our job is to find out what that is and meet that need.  

Will my mom have anyone to converse with?  
We find that most people will converse if someone else initiates conversation.  Staff is in the dining room for all meals and snacks to initiate conversation and meet the dining needs. Each caregiver has a one-on-one conversation with each resident on the AM and PM shifts.  

What if my parent progresses to the point they are dying, can they stay at your home?
Magnolia has a Hospice Waiver ensuring that your loved one can stay at the home until death. 

Sometimes my dad is awake all night, can you handle that? 
Our night shift staff is awake specifically for that purpose. He would have constant supervision while awake. He would also get snacks and fluids throughout the night because he is using a lot of calories.  

My aunt does not drink enough fluids and has trouble with dehydration.  Do you offer drinks?
Our residents consume between 36 and 40 ounces of fluid each day. Drinks are presented during the 3 meals and 3 snacks and after exercise or a walk. Fluids help with good skin integrity, body functions in general, and overall feeling of well-being.   

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